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A new job isn’t necessary to obtain an employment visa

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2023 | Uncategorized

Work-based visas are a common way for people to legally enter the United States. Professionals who have college degrees or graduate training may qualify for certain visa programs by virtue of their education. Skilled professionals who have a track record of success in a specialized field may also qualify for immigration opportunities.

Some professionals apply for jobs at domestic companies in the United States and obtain a job offer because the company can’t find domestic talent for the position. A company can then help sponsor that professional as they seek a visa and can facilitate their relocation to the United States as well. Additionally, there are actually visas available that do not require someone to change their employer.

Companies can transfer workers to a domestic location

Many businesses operate in multiple countries. Workers employed by an organization that already has a facility in the United States could potentially seek a transfer to that location. They can then retain their job with the company while also using their employment to enter the United States lawfully.

The L visa program allows for intra-company transfers. L-1A visa program facilitates intracompany transfers of those who have worked as an executive or manager. The L-1B visa may help someone with specialized knowledge relocate to a position with the same company in the United States. Workers can then continue working the same job until they obtain their visas and the company is ready to facilitate their relocation. In fact, an L visa can even be an option when a company does not have a domestic branch established in the United States but wants to develop one.

Those who work at a company with a presence in the United States or an eye on the market in the United States may want to communicate their immigration ambitions to their employers. Sometimes, merely asserting one’s willingness to relocate can go a long way toward helping a worker secure new opportunities with their employer. For this and other reasons, learning about the different work visa programs available could help skilled workers find the right opportunity for their circumstances.